GC Jung institute of Seattle


CGJIS finds its roots in the depth psychology of C. G. Jung. Jung called his study of the psyche “Analytical Psychology,” which he distinguished from other psychoanalytic traditions that were emerging during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

CGJungJungian analysis concentrates on identifying the healing potentials produced by the merging of unconscious material, instincts and actions into the consciousness of daily life. Jungian psychology draws upon the inspiration available to all human beings from the depths of the unconscious. During the course of analysis the individual is supported in finding a path towards a meaningful life, a personal process Jung called Individuation.

Jungian analysis encourages individuals to draw upon the material that emerges through the analytic relationship, dreams, synchronicities, physical symptoms, active imagination and other manifestations of the unconscious. Our analyst members come from diverse backgrounds and embody many different areas of interest. All our analysts are members of the IAAP.

Jungian psychology offers a foundation to find joy, to face suffering and to explore the possibilities of bringing greater understanding and meaning into life. Jung’s legacy continues to be a vital part of the fabric of our current culture.